Scientific Publications:

“Innovative approaches for the development of new copper-free marine antifouling paints” by Rozenn Trepos, Emiliano Pinori, Per R. Jonsson, Mattias Berglin, Johan Svenson, Ricardo Coutinho, Jukka Lausmaa, and Claire Hellio. The Journal of Ocean Technology, Vol. 9, No. 4, 2014, 7

Pinori E, “Low biocide emission antifouling based on a novel route of barnacle intoxication” PhD Thesis, Universitry of Gothenburg, 2013.

Pinori E, Elwings H, Berglin M, “The impact of coating hardness on the anti-barnacle efficacy of an embedded antifouling biocide” Biofouling. 29(7), 763-773, 2013

Pinori E, Berglin M, Brive LM, Hulander M, Dahlström M, Elwing H, “Multi-seasonal barnacle (Balanus improvisus) protection achieved by trace amounts of a macrocyclic lactone (ivermectin) included in rosin-based coatings” Biofouling, 27(9), 941-953, 2011

Conference Contributions:

7-07-2014; E. Pinori (SP) “Overview and Status of LEAF Project” – 17th ICMCF (International Congress on Marine Corrosion and Fouling), National University of Singapore, Singapore

9-07-2014; C. Pansch (UGOT) “Lab-based all year round anti-fouling bioassay to screen for pre- and post-settlement biocide activity against barnacle” – 17th ICMCF, National University of Singapore, Singapore

9-07-2014; R. Coutinho (IEAPM) “Antifouling tests of LEAF project in tropical waters” – 17th ICMCF, NUS National University of Singapore, Singapore

9-07-2014; S. Garofoli (Boero) “New characterization methods in Low Emission AntiFouling coatings development” – 17th ICMCF, NUS National University of Singapore, Singapore

11-07-2014; E. Pinori (SP) “Fate of barnacles on paint containing 0.1% Ivermectin” – 2nd International Symposium “Current Topics on Barnacle Biology”, Tropical Marine Science Institute, NUS National University of Singapore

18-04-2013 M. Berglin presentation at “the SP day”. ca. 450 delegates, Stockholm (Sweden; lang. Swedish)

27-04-2013 M. Berglin presentation at “Gothenburg International Science Festival”, Gothenburg (Sweden)

25-09-2013 M. Berglin presentation at the “Scandinavian Coating 2013”, Gothenburg (Sweden

29-07-2013 E. Pinori, invited speaker at “10th BIOINC, meeting on Bioufouling, benthic ecology and biocorrosion” Arraial do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Press release:

25-06-2013 Press Release “Boat owners can fight barnacles with new eco friendly method”.