LEAF final reporting

The formal project period of LEAF ended on 31 Dec 2015. We are proud to be part of a multidisciplinary effort which has brought the LEAF concept to a stage where it has been thoroughly documented as a potential sustainable solution for future marine antifouling paints. After less than 3 years of development and testing in lab and in the field, a LEAF prototype paint has been produced and demonstrated in boat tests throughout Scandinavian, European, Mediterranean and Caribbean waters with successful results. Here a short movie on the LEAF concept and the pictorial results of the demonstration field test 2015-2016 on 60 vessels (see also the image below for an example from Venice). If you want you can read all the detailed in the feedback from the boat owners here: Report Final Results DEMO downloadable

Furthermore, human exposure and aquatic risk assessments performed within the project show that the LEAF concept has a good possibility to comply with event the most stringent regulation system like the European BPR. ( a European chemical company is looking into the possibility to take over from here and complete this important process)

The LEAF team is however not finished; we are currently working with external partners on the next steps required to bring this technology all the way to the market and end-users. Final reports from the project are under preparation and will be made publicly available within a couple of months. So stay connected and look for the latest LEAF developments here and on our Facebook page.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank all the LEAF partners and all the boat owners who volunteered to take part in the all-important demonstration activity.

/The LEAF team


Photographs from a motor boat yacht in Grado’s lagoon, Italy (Venice area) taken 2 and a half months after boat launching in the lagoon’s warm water. As can be seen in the upper-left the catodic protection surface is fully colonized by tubeworms, indicating high fouling pressure this season. Also the white paint on the engine anchoring structures suffered from marine bio-fouling.

The LEAF prototype (black paint) shows a very good antifouling efficacy in all pictures. According to the boat owner the LEAF paint performs better than commercial product used previous seasons. According to the boat owner this boat remained in port, moored, for the last three weeks before photo shooting. This is a very demanding condition for the AF paint in any water and in particularly in hot lagoon water.


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Register to LEAF – Final Conference




Join us and learn about
the development of the groundbreaking LEAF concept in antifouling for
waterborne transportation, developed and demonstrated in full scale during this
European project. The Final Conference will be followed by the “ESMB Day”, on
the topic “Combating Biofilms”. Both events are free of charge. End-users,
Stakeholder, Scientist and PhD students are particularly encouraged to


29 September 2015:

Conference of the European FP7 project

– Low Emission Antifouling”


30 September 2015:

of the European Society for Marine Biotechnology – “Combatting Biofilms”


The venue will be at
“Novotel Göteborg”, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Conference participation
is free of charge. Ca. 120 seats are available, which will be
distributed on a first arrive – first serve basis; so do not hesitate to
register now!



your participation

Open until
the 12th September 2015.


and other useful documents can be found

the website of
LEAF and ESMB for more information.


question and further information please contact us by:



Attention: about 60 boats are
testing LEAF final prototype paint around the world… if you want you can follow
the results pics on our
Facebook page.

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LEAF prototype paint now in worldwide demonstration activity

A total of 57 volunteering boat owner, and two Ro-Ro ferry boats are now testing the LEAF prototype paint under real conditions. The demonstration activity is going on in the Baltic, North Atlantic, English Channel, Mediterranean Sea, subtropic South Atlantic, and Carribean Sea. We are excited and looking forward to feedback from the boat owners. You can follow this on a daily basis on our Facebook page.

Here the PDF with detailed results from LEAF Boat Test 2015-2016

Report Final Results DEMO downloadable

thank you all!


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